Mass Effect Andromeda

The Mass Effect Andromeda cheats fail to load the majority of the time I try to use them. I’ve tried launching the game through Infinity, launching the game through Origin then pressing Play in Infinity, whitelisting Infinity in my firewall and antivirus, and spamming the Play button in Infinity but nothing is consistently working. These were the only potential fixes that I’ve seen on other Support threads, so is there anything I can try?

Spam the Play key. Origin is a bit finicky but you should be able to get it work after a few tries

I’ve pressed the play button 20 times and still getting the failed to load cheats message. Anything else that might fix this?

Could be your antivirus then, make sure you disable it and add infinity to its exception. Exception list is not enough for some AVs and they need to be disabled as well (Avast e.g).

I completely uninstalled my antivirus, still getting the error.

@GoatNips420 What Antivirus are you using?

I’m not using one. I uninstalled it.

@GoatNips420 Oh okay, sorry i was not much help then.