Mass Effect Legendary edition for Origin

I know what is being worked on is what is being worked on; 'no exeptions" but I was just wondering if you were planing at all to mod the Origin version of Mass Effect Legendary Edition? you don’t even have to tell me when if you don’t want just a yes or no would be awesome.


why didn’t you mod the origin version first to begin with it is an EA title after all? just seems weird to me that you wouldn’t mod the game on its Parent platform first. You don’t have to answer this part if you don’t want to but I would really really appreciate one to my initial question. Please and Thank You.



Trainers are made or updated based on their democratic popularity within the WeMod userbase.
In other words, if there is a trainer for one store but not another, it means the game isn’t currently popular enough with WeModders on the store with no current trainer. Making trainers for unpopular games or store versions is just uneconomical.
Saying that, you can still attempt to use the trainer by clicking the Fix button inside it and manually linking the game’s .exe to it.

We also don’t offer any timeframes for trainer releases. There are too many factors beyond WeMod’s control which affects this.

More information on how trainers are made or updated is below.

I appreciate the complexity and effort that it takes to create seamlessly working trainers for so many different games on so many different platforms, the work done by you and your team is amazing. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to answer my question so thoroughly and I will proceed as you suggested and hope it works.

The Wemod steam Trainer of Mass Effect Legendary also works for the origin vesion of the game