Mass Effect Legendary Edition (Mass Effect 2) Cheats and Trainer for Steam

@MrAntiFun the Unlimited Ammo option doesn’t work. Is there a certain way to get it to work that we are just missing?

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I’m having trouble getting my game to save on ME2 and was wondering if anyone else was

Any chance for a Set Paragon/Renegade?


For those having issues with the unlimited ammo I got it to work by enabling both unlimited ammo and the No reload

thinks for the tip i also found that if you move while shooting your gun will auto fill no reload but you have to do it before you run out of ammo

I found if you do bursts you have inf ammo and no reload

can we get Paragon and Renegade please if possible


That’s actually just the no reload one. For some reason no reload gives you 999 ammo, so maybe there’s a mistake in the coding and that one cheat is acting as both? The unlimited ammo cheat does not work at all, so for right now just turn on no reload

Thats what I thought as well but when I turned off unlim ammo I lost the auto fire for most one shot weapons for example the widow and the m920 cain became an autofire with both enabled and one shots when disabled. Or it possibly could be that the timing just changed.

Just a question. On ME3, does anyone else have an issue with the squad points resetting? Like I’d use the infinite squad points and I have to actually keep reallocating them every mission, even if I save. Just wipes my Shep completely every time, then I gotta put em back, over and over again. Any ideas?

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Using this for the Origin version of ME2, the infinite health seems to work for Shepard, but not the squadmates. Not a lot else seems to, for whatever reason. I’ll try again on the cheats for the resources, but it’s a little annoying. I appreciate the effort being put into it, though.

the ammo cheats dont work.


Yea, I found you need to leave two skills with no points in them. Then it won’t reset. I’ve tested this multiple times.

In ME2 I use unlimited health and shields and they don’t seem to work even when it says the cheats are properly activated. It must be some sort of bug I just thought you should know. :slight_smile:

Full report on my findings for Mass Effect 2, Legendary Edition, Steam.
(Mass Effect 1 had no issues & I haven’t played 3 yet)

The General conclusion from testing shows that anywhere in the game that your character wears the “casual” clothing, having cheats active will cause a loss of audio and then a crash to desktop.

Pressing play on the WeMod trainer and having the trainer itself active will not cause audio loss or crashing but having any of the individual cheats active causes the audio loss and crashing.

Anywhere that your character is wearing combat armor with weapons on your back or in hand, no crashing or audio loss occur.

Areas I have personally experienced audio loss and/or crashing:
Anywhere on the Normandy SR2 itself
The Shadow Brokers ship (after capturing it)
Donovan Hocks residence in the mission “Kasumi: Stealing Memory
Omega VIP area in the mission “Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi

My findings for cheat functionality are as follows:
Unlimited Health- Works fine (Does not share to squad mates, also, doesn’t need to)
Unlimited Ammo- Does nothing/Does not work
No Reload- Works fine and gives you unlimited ammo as well
No Recoil- Works fine
Better Accuracy- Works fine
Unlimited Stamina- Works fine
No Skill Cooldown- Works fine
Unlimited Squad Points- Works fine

Set Platinum/Palladium/Iridium/Element Zero/Medi-Gel/Credit- All work fine
Note- No reason to use Set Medi-Gel cheat as using the Medi-Gel sets it to default capacity anyway


I have that issue too. I just started 3 and even turned off the cheat and it still does it. My best guess is that at a certain number of unused points, it believes that u havent used any and will reset it

There was an update to the game today (Monday, June 7), and the cheats no longer work (in ME2, that is, which is what part of the trilogy I’m on). They were working before the update.

Hello everyone I apologize if I disturb you I’m having problems please could you help me thanks

There was an update to the game today (Monday, June 7), and the cheats no longer work (in ME2,ME3 that is, which is what part of the trilogy I’m on). They were working before the update.

By activating everything nothing goes into the game I am playing the crazy mode every two minutes I die the ammunition once finished reload often run out of ammunition please could you help me thanks

I thought it was my mistake I uninstalled the game 3 times it is installed 3 times but nothing to do the wemod does not work.

I look forward to your kind reply thank

I don’t know how, but some of the cheats suddenly work today on the updated version of MELE (ME2). Thanks, if you fixed anything. If not, then I must have been stupid yesterday.

Hi no it doesn’t work for me I had to lower the difficulty normal i’m playing without wemod because it doesn’t work