Mass Effect Legendary Edition (Mass Effect 3) Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Not sure what’s being referred to here, but I’ve tested on the ME3 version and just hitting F9 a bunch of times increments it up, and it stays in the bank between game sessions. I’m tempted to use the console, but outside of the skills issue (which was an issue in the legacy version as well), I’m happy to use what we have here.

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If you leave 2 skills unused the skills cheat works fine. I’ve left two open almost my entire playthrough on ME3 and it has not reset once. I saw someone said leave one open but it needs to be two.

Still wish a Set Paragon/Renegade option was available without having to use the console.

Love the cheats, and very helpfull. but is it maybe possible to get something With Renegade and Paragon :slight_smile:

This is the save editor I use for my resources and my Renegade/Paragon editing needs.
Trilogy Save Editor at Mass Effect Legendary Edition Nexus - Mods and community (
I hope this helps. It is very easy to use.

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Is there any way to add unlimited shields/barriers for ME3? The reason I ask is that nova for the Vanguard is unavailable without barriers even with unlimited cooldowns. Thanks!

Will you be adding paragon and renegade cheats for all mass titles?

Skills reset after every load if Unlimited Talent Points has been used to spend more points than can be legitimately spent at Shepard’s current level. This doesn’t apply to squadmates.

Removing power cooldown works perfectly well when controlling via mouse and keyboard, but has an annoying glitch when it comes to playing with a controller: Using powers from the RB selection wheel works perfectly well, as does using squad powers with the left and right D-pad buttons. But attempting to use RB, LB, or Y shortcuts for Shepard applies the normal cooldown ring to the HUD and prevents using any of those shortcuts until the normal cooldown runs out. This doesn’t stop you freely using powers via the RB selection wheel even if you’re “cooling down,” but it adds a bit of annoyance to the process.

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The no skill cool down is not working

The only thing I would like to see added, fuel and grenades.

Thanks so much for the hard work and speedy releases on new games.


No Skill cooldown not working,
also the No reload option isnt working

For everyone complaining about Skill Points resetting, its NOT the trainer, its the game itself, ME3 incorporated a new Point checker, google it

" In ME3, the game tallies how many points Shepard should have maximum based on the level he is at and the amount of talent points he would be rewarded up to that level. If you have too many talent points, Shepard’s talent point assignments reset."

Any chance of an undetected scan for ME3? Hate it when the Reapers come callin’


Agreed! Even the sound of the Reapers approaching is annoying. I speed through trying to trigger anything found and rush out. I come back later after landing on a mission and they’re gone, but it’s still frustrating.

So Sim, one thing you can do is run through and scan every system and open up each spot that has something. Like every system available. Then just go do one mission and come back to all of them and go get it all. There are also articles that show pictures of each system and where to scan at. It helps a lot.

Game had a big update recently and I notice not everything in the trainer is working.

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I like the cheat overall except for the issue with the ammo selection option on missions. It works sometimes and not others in ME LE3. Most of the time it does nothing no matter how many times you press the corresponding number key for the desired ammo.

I found the problem and solution myself. You must hit ESCAPE and keep resetting your power AFTER you enter a mission, and sometimes again while in the mission. Then all your ammo options are open to you. Why the cheat keeps resetting your power levels back to zero is puzzling.

I find shooting in bursts work. Shooting continuously I find still requires you to reload.

I’ve tried loading several times and with same results. On ME 3 LE trainer no longer works.

The game knows how many points you should have at each level. If you go beyond that it will reset your points. So you have to leave a few skills unused. When you hit max level I think you can leave only 1 or 2 skills unused and fill up the rest.

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Yep, same here. Tried saving with wemod off to see if the points took, but no dice. Love this trainer as with everything made by Mr. AF and everything else works flawlessly so it’s just a mild annoyance.

skill points are locked to level, so if the game detects a lower level than the amount of skill points it will reset them, if you set your level to 70 with a save editor you can max out your skills (enemies are set to your level so try not to set it too high, i tried 999 and it took forever to kill even simple enemies and they were 1 hit killing my allies).