Mass Effect Legendary Edition (ME2) Cheats and Trainer for Steam

ME 2 edit resources aren’t working for me. the value changes but the research upgrades are grayed out on the terminal.

The Unlimited Health is not working in Steam ME3 for me.

had no problems with ME 1 But ME2 is crashing at all times with any cheat enabled, not the biggest deal since most of the changes save (squad points resources etc) but it seems impossible to go more than 20 minutes with any cheats enabled. Have not tried ME 3 at the time of this post.

I am having the same issue with ME2, tried the original versions and it played longer before it crashed but only about 2 hours before crash.

ME2 cheats once you press the play button it just loads and loads while causing the game to freeze while occasionally (rarely) stuttering to make you think like it’s working.
This is when you just try to start the cheats, I’ve tried pressing play on the main menu screen (after getting past the launcher like it says you need to) before pressing resume or load, and I’ve tried doing it in game. Both have the same response.

[Mass Effect Legendary Edition (Mass Effect 2)
increase credits make sounds, but not working. (i followed instructions in the (!).
I’m on Horizon mission.
keep up the good work.