'Massive progress' being made on Gears of War for Xbox One

[/img]Black Tusk Studios is making significant progress on Gears of War for Xbox One, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

The fifth game in the series isn’t going to be released any time soon though. In May, Black Tusk manager Rod Fergusson (pictured below) said the title was still in the early concept and prototyping stage, noting: “We’re only 100 days in.”

Microsoft acquired the Gears of War IP from Epic Games in January. The following month, Spencer said the next game in the series had to “reignite” the franchise. “[It] won’t be a quick turn [around],” he added, noting that Microsoft is “still working through [the] plan” with regards to a release date.

In March, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney explained the decision to sell the property to Microsoft. “We weren’t planning on building any more Gears games we were just going to let that sit on the shelf for a decade or more, in case it had any future value to us,” he said.

“It was one of those rare moments when both Epic and Microsoft were able to make a business that was obviously best for the community. Much better to have Microsoft building Gears games than for it to be sitting on the shelf unused by Epic.”

Source: TheTechGame.com

To be honest I kinda liked Judgement because of their multiplayer. It was a huge difference but it still amused me so I’ll be looking forward to this new Gears :smile:

Please for the love of the COG don’t make it anything like Judgement. It was an embarrassment to the series and a complete failure.

I never played it (Judgement), what was so bad about it?


Care to elaborate?

They’re just haters

I think gears of war 3 was amazing until they nerfed the sawed off I loved that gun so much. If they just made a game liek gears and take away all those stupid horde upgrades and brought horde mode back from gears 2 Id be in love :smile:.

Not a huge fan of MP on Gears, but I do LOVE the story. Hopefully they make it even better.

I just want to know why the queen is human. That is all.

Taking away DBNO in almost every game mode, taking away Locust in multiplayer, taking away Horde mode (they said they were going to add it back but never did), making the game look “cartoony” and less gritty, a total of like ten maps (gears 2 had more maps at launch), like 5 characters to choose from if you didn’t have dlc characters, crappy season pass, an over powered character (Epic Reaper) that can fly and one hit melee kill you (I think they spent more time working on a character for themselves rather than working on actual characters for the players to play as), a ridiculous amount of prestige (I think there were 13 of them, and there was no point going past like prestige 3). Really the only thing the game had going for it is the campaign and possibly OverRun.

Judgment’s Multiplayer and Story was pure trash! Only good things were Overrun, Free For All, and Survival that is basically horde mix with Overrun.