Master Chief collects 15GB Day One download, launch trailer

[/img]Following grumbles about Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s 20GB day one title update, 343 Industries chopped off 5GB and made it available today for users who’ve pre-ordered the game’s downloadable version. Eurogamer verified the smaller-than-expected-but-still-plenty-big patch is 15GB, and according to 343 Executive Producer Dan Ayoub you can preload both the game and the patch now by turning Xbox One auto-downloads on.

The news follows yesterday’s reportedly leaked cutscene from the collection, featuring Agent Locke and the Arbiter. The launch trailer below the break is rather more official, preluding the arrival of John-117’s Xbox One compilation on November 11.


The Launch Trailer itself:

Few more days!! Halo 2 hype!

That patch is gunna hurt at 12:01

If you pre-order from the Xbox One Store you pre download the game before release date + this update. I just finished downloading this update, so far the game took up 59.1GB.

Wait, I’ve already pre-downloaded it, did I get the patch too?

You should check your “my games and apps” see if it says updating or already says the 59.1GB installed.

Yep, I’m ready to play then. :smile: Thank you

GOD I WANT THIS GAME SO BAD BUT NO MONEY!!!.. might have to sell my body for this lol.

My friend has just bought this, thank MS for gamesharing!

Id do about anything other than sucking a **** for a gameshare lol.