Master Prestige Glitch+Some Diamond [Free+Open]

Please only send me one account as of now, I am wanting to make sure I am capable of doing this for you guys.
I am also attempting to help Hero

Form Please Fill out…

  • Do you trust me ?
    -What’s your time limit?
    Please also remember time is also counting when I start recovering and depending on how much “STUFF” you got on your profile will be how much I have to load up onto my own system.

Can you guys still do it? It isn’t working for me now

Do you trust me ? yes
-What’s your time limit? An hour?

Do you trust me ?yes
-What’s your time limit?3 h

Supposedly it’s patched from what I’ve seen on ttg.

I done it for you? Its pretty much the same stats as Hero did my one…

Send me your info.

Don’t know yet waiting on my first account.

  • Do you trust me ? yes
    -What’s your time limit? idc whenevers fine

Oh, I never received a message haha :stuck_out_tongue: its done though? thank you! Supposedly its patched. I’ll check mine in a second and see if it worked and try it on a dummy?

  • Do you trust me ? Yes
    -What’s your time limit? Anytime

Send me your info.8)

Which gun classes are diamond?

Do you trust me: yes
Whats your time limit? couple hours?

No sorry Ezio it was your account I was trying it on and it wouldnt work. My bad

HOX x Typh00n account status- In-Works

can I pm you my info?

Do you have an 8th prestige account or know any that is doing the glitch with one?

I’ll do yours if graphic doesn’t mind, I wanna see if this got patched

Pretty sure this was patched literally a couple minutes ago. Had a hotfix update.

What are the odds of being just a few minutes late?