MAX Level + 2 billion Cr - HALO: REACH [Ryandm93]

I managed to get past the credit limit and edit my rank, i have been playin online with it for 4 hours so far without any problems but im sure there onto me? Haha. USE AT OWN RISK.

  • Max LVL 50 Genral
  • 2 billion Credits

For this tutorial you will need:

  1. Copy your Gamer Profile to your Memory stick
  2. Unplug your Memory stick and insert into your computer/Laptop
  3. Open Le Fuffle and inside it open up your Gamer profile which is on your memory stick
  4. When you have opened your profile, Go to the contents tab in Le Fuffle.
  5. Find in the list ‘4D53085B’ it should be nearer the bottom of the list.
  6. Right click that file and click inject.
  7. Now locate the file which we downloaded above and click open.
  8. Now go to the security tab and click ‘FIX’.
  9. Now go back to horizon and put your profile back onto your memory stick.
  10. Insert memory stick into your xbox and transfer yourt gamer profile back onto your hard drive.
  11. Launch Halo: Reach and start playing.

To get the skull mask, Purchase every helmet :smile:

Thanks, Ryandm93 :thumbsup:

alright, im trying this thanks for the tutorial

Its alright buddy :smile:

Im trying it also if it does work thanks man.

Has anyone else tried this?

did it work and if it did enjoy being reset

trying it right now

im trying it now thanks if it works

Dont say thanks, Use the thanks button :wink: haha (After you have tested)

Just to tell you guys, they are reseting people tomarrow!

wow great tut… ima try this out on my 2nd account :thumbsup:

Can some one post if this works?

Thanks mate :smile:

Nice find but you will probably get banned pretty soon

does not work asks me if i want to forfeit all the credits so its a fail

Click no and continue… Its cause it was done offline. You keep the credits and can edit armour.

Holy **** it worked!!!

Yep :stuck_out_tongue:

hey does this work with a hard drive kit too??? my flash drive wont work for this n stuff

as long as you can get your profile off and back onto your xbox it will work :smile: