Max payne 3 and other games disc swap

im having trouble understanding how to swap between max payne 3’s disc 1 and disc 2 on my phat elite rgh 360
i just updated my freestyle to the latest 2.2 and i dont know what to do
if anyone can give me a propper explanation or a quick and easy tutorial ill be very greatful

There is this thing you install to your rgh… forgot what it was called, ill look for it now but im sure someone will beat me to it

i saw many posts in many forums saying that the latest freestyle dash has a built in multidisc swaper and it should automaticaly swap between discs this dosn’t work for me at all
some say you need to chang the stractue of the game directory for it to work
and i dont understand at all exactly what i need to do
and thank you so much =] ive been trying to solve this since yesterday

In FSD 2.2 there is a specific plugin to handle multi disc swapping. Sometimes, depending on how all the software was installed, this plugin doesn’t work properly and doesn’t load.

To check if it is loaded properly, while in FSD go to Setup > Settings > System Settings. Then go to the option labeled Plugins and you should see:

FSD Plugin: FSDPlugin is Loaded…

If it says it is NOT loaded then the plugin is, obviously, not loaded. You can google this and see that people have had problems with this. As far as I can tell, it’s any number of problems that just screws this plugin from loading up. If it isn’t loaded, then go into your HD, find the FSD folder and specifically the plugins folder. Find the FSDPlugin file and delete it. Then, go back into Setup > Settings > General Settings and then the option labeled Updates. FSD should give you the option to update a plugin, which will reinstall it. (Your Xbox must be connected to the internet for this to work)

If that doesn’t work, then I would recommend just doing a complete fresh reinstall of FSD. That worked for me when this plugin was giving me problems.

As far as how the plugin works, it’s very simple. When you extract out the content of the first disc’s ISO onto your drive (USB, HDD, whatever) you’ll get a folder with the default.xex and $SystemUpdate folders and things like that. Simply rename the folder containing these files Disc 1. And then do the same for the second disc, and name that folder Disc 2. Then put these folders into a single folder titled the name of the game or whatever naming scheme you use for your stuff. For example here is how it looks on mine:

Usb1:\Xbox 360 XEX\Max Payne 3\Disc 1
Usb1:\Xbox 360 XEX\Max Payne 3\Disc 2

Keep in mind that depending on your settings for how FSD scans the various game paths, you may need to increase the “Depth” of the scan because now the essential game files are located one folder deeper in the folder tree.

An addendum: Once you verify the plugin is working and you have your files in the correct folders, you’ll notice that FSD will still list two entries in your Games section. You can hide one of the entries if you want by highlighting it, pressing Y for Options, then selecting Move Game. There should be a menu item titled No Section. At this point you will be prompted with some text that will tell you the game path, thus revealing whether or not this is “disc 1” or “disc 2.”

I haven’t played many multi disc games on my JTAG, but I haven’t encountered one where loading disc 1 was a problem. FSD will autoswitch to the correct disc automatically after loading your save game.

Good luck.

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