Max Payne 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I saw someone earlier say that this works with their Steam version however, I have the Steam version installed and Infinity is showing the game as uninstalled. Seems to update with all other installed games but not this one for some reason.

Select the folder manually?

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I just did that. First time, it told me it wasn’t the correct installation of the game. Second time worked for some reason though. Weird… in any case, it’s all good now, I think. Thanks for the reply. I’ll let you know if I notice anything wrong in game, but fingers crossed that that won’t be necessary. :crossed_fingers:


Hello! Fairly new to all of this so forgive me if this is just from my lack of knowledge.

I just rebought Max Payne 3 on steam for this trainer but whenever I try and launch it, Infinity responds with ‘This trainer foes not support your version of the game!’

Is there a way to… get around this or something?


I’m just going to assume this game is too updated for trainers?

No this trainer is up to date.

did you update the trainer in july ??

nvm its just that i had a problem before but now i can use the trainer so thx

how’d you fix it? every time I turn cheats on I can’t turn left or right or press pause to adjust settings

Hello, my trainer wont load and for some reason wont auto detect it from my steam. It keeps saying maybe compatible and cannot load game, I dragged and dropped into the fix section manually, please help.


Try to start manually over steam and then click the run button, usually wemod detect and inject the trainer afterwards, I did it already. It is also possible that you not started and closed on times the game before using the trainer, as the game was originally released with a CD-KEY protection which have to be solved and your social account must be login in order to play - these 2 steps are PRE requirements. The trainer works fine!

In Triggered events (like the car crash into the building, you drive on the boat, you are on the helicopter)
you MUST disable the trainer else the game looks like hanging and doesn’t keep on. (infinite health isn’t needed to be turned off, I did not yet find the correct option)

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Please Update the Trainer, it’s not playable at this state.

I believe after 4 years i don’t think they will do so?