May get an Xbox One this Christmas

I know it’s a bit too early to be talking about Christmas, with it not even being Halloween yet, but why not. Anyway, I’ve been contemplating on whether I should get an Xbox One this Christmas since the price is being lowered down about $50 in a few days, making the full price about $450 if you plan on getting a kinect, which I do. Believe it or not, I wont be getting a bundle (games thrown in with console). I don’t know why. None of the games with the bundles interest me. I’ll just be getting the regular one.
Like this one:

I was wondering if it is worth it, since this is really the only chance I’ll get to get it because of the price change. I’ve been really wanting one for a while now. Also, what comes with it. What I mean is 1 or 2 controllers, HDD, or what?

Thanks in Advance!! :thumbsup:

Cheers! :smiley:

You’ll get one controller and a 500gb hdd as standard o believe.

I’d get one with a game. Even if it’s not a game game you really want. I’d get it anyway

It comes with the Xbox, Kinect, Controller and the HDD is 500gb built in. I suggest getting it and I wouldn’t buy it without a Kinect personally. If you’re only gonna get it because it’s $50 off(not that much) I’d wait because I’m sure it will drop down more eventually. you also need to consider how many of your friends(that you play with) use it or stayed on 360.