Mayweather vs Maidana - Who I won?

Who won the match and how? By majority decision? Knockout?

I watched half of it at my gfs house before I knocked out lol I will probably download it…

I’m surprised you didn’t just Google it. Floyd won, Maidana did look nearly as good as he did in the last fight and he might have bit Floyd in the hand, that’s what Floyd says but it’s hard to tell in the replays. Maidana only won like 2 rounds.

Lol, 60 bucks to watch a fight. I ain’t paying that.

Edit: Thanks Steve. I was gonna google it, but all I would’ve got were results from their last match or blogs talking about the September 13 fight.

But, yea Floyd has a huge paycheck on his hands.

Floyd is definitely getting a big paycheck…I believe it was a 70 million dollar paycheck if he won…oh and lol if you think maidana fought floyd for the win…he was also getting a nice million dollar paycheck.

I was hoping Maidana would pull of a win somehow but didn’t really expect it would happen.
Maidana got 3 mill and all I can find on Mayweather is he was guaranteed at least 32 mill.

I don’t pay for them. I download them in the morning, I had just got done watching it before hoping on here and replying to your thread.

Judges scorecards read 115-112, 116-111 and 116-111.

There was controversy weather Maidana physically bit Mayweather :laughing:

32 mill. Man! I wants that.