Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Fight

Thoughts? Bets?

None of the above, I will win!

But seriously… I’m undecided. I think both a great in their own way. It could be a close or very obvious victory for either one.

You’re not dead?

Contrary to popular belief. I did die, technically 3 times but I’m not currently dead.

I hope Pacman wins. I’m heading to bed to get up at 3 am for the fight. A few of my friends are watching it together.

Anyone know of a way to watch this online for free. None of my friends are going to pay for it and I dont feel like sitting in a crowded bar.

I’m sure there is just do some Google searches. But apparently Shotime and HBO are cracking down on pirates according to some articles. So I’d advise against it if you have an ISP like Time Warner or Comcast, they enforce their piracy and copyright rules more than most ISP do.

Instead I’m just going to a bar, grabbing some sodas and appetizers and watching the fights with my friends. A lot cheaper and more fun than watching it at home.

What I hope happens:

While I think Pacman could pull it off, Mayweather is undefeated for a reason. This is a fight I would never place a bet on. I’m rooting for Pacman. But as long as it’s an exciting fight I’ll be happy either way.

I’m still not sure why I’m supposed to care about this

If mayweather wins he’s buying everyone a bottle, that’s why.

Undecided who wins, just hoping to see one of them get knocked to their ass so that the fight is actually enjoyable.

Because Mayweather is a bum and Asia needs to be the champ.

Mayweather acts like hes super rich when really compared to someone like 50 Cent he’s a bum. He just makes a few million look good.

Damn, I’m sad. I wish Pac threw more and kept Mayweather much more against the ropes and corner. But his 4" reach was far too much.

I’m glad to see another Pacman fan that doesn’t accuse Floyd of fixing the fight.
So annoying, I love Pac but he lost, plain and simple. Can’t some people just appreciate a good fight?

If they were going to fix it, it would have been a tie at most.

I felt like Floyd came for a payday, and Manny came for a fight.

Lets be real though, if you’re Mayweather, and you’re going to make $83,000 a second in this fight, who wouldn’t in their right mind take the early lead, and just defend it and get paid. Manny landed some solid punches but missed a lot.

According to a few old acquaintances of Floyd Mayweather he’s not nearly as rich as people think he is. This came from 50 Cent, T.I. and a few other people. Who have much, much more than Floyd. Irrelevant though.


Mayweather won sadly but it’s an alright fight for the most part

Boxing is dead.

Money has ruined sport overall…Fact.