McAffee blocking dll for trainer, how do I whitelist it?

I have been using the trainer for quite a while. I got McAfee a few weeks ago, and now, when I try to launch it, McAfee blocks it, and I get an error:
“C:\Users\myname\AppData\Roaming\WeMod\App\trainers\Trainer_31757_a59376c92d.dll has been blocked”

I found a post that talks about whitelisting paths, but McAfee only alllows you do add an exe file to a new rule. I can’t find a way to whitelist a path.


Unfortunately, McAfee is a huge problem with WeMod at this stage. They recently updated something on their end. There isn’t much we can do to assist, except suggest these three options:

  1. (Tedious process) - Every time you launch a new trainer, add the trainer.dll file as an exception. You can find these trainer files in the path that you mentioned in your post

  2. (NOT RECOMMENDED) - Disable your antivirus - Highly not recommended, as your antivirus keeps your computer safe

  3. Find an alternative to McAfee - This suggestion is recommended. Personally, I recommend switching to Malwarebytes. I haven’t had a problem using them and their real-time protection (through their subscription, of course) keeps me safe. Of course, there are other options as well if you don’t like Malwarebytes.