MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Could you please fix Zero Weight and add a few things for MW5 on Steam?

sprint speed multiplier
negotiation points or unlimited so if you run into the situation I did where there would only let me negotiate for 9 total points for salvage and I needed 12 to salvage an assassin mech that I really wanted but no matter what I tried I could not accomplish this so if you could please add the ability to add more salvage points at the end or mission that would be great. even if you could add the ability to increase the amount of slots before starting the initial mission so you could negotiate more salvage at the end of that mission would be great

I can’t remember the 3rd thing I wanted to ask for but when I remember it I will post it.

could you please add the ability to have more selected shares of salvage at the end of the mission? I came across another centurion that I could’ve really used but not enough salvage shares at the end of the mission

is at least zero weight going to get fixed?

Can confirm, zero weight does not work.

Same here, zero tonnage and zero weight are not working for the steam version, epic games versions are working fine.

is Zero weight ever going to get fixed?|

please also add a feature that would allow us to start and stop cheats at will instead of having to restart wemod

how did you get epic games version of wemod working? I tried to use custom exe feature in wemod to get my game to work with epic games wemod but it just does not like the exe and Idk why? any ideas would be appreciated

It appears that only a few options work at the moment, i believe also if youre not the host the only thing that works is unlimited ammo, however i am testing right now if the missiles do damage after using the amount that is currently stored even though its unlimited it seems it might do a check and cancel out damage.

needs update


The MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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Zero weight still does not work.

zero weight needs to be fixed does not work

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can confirm that the loadout weight does not work it automatically turns its self off

Zero Weight isn’t working.

Zero Weight doesn’t work. I would love to see it fixed if possible.

Would also like to see Instant Repair functionality that applies to mechs and their attribute upgrades. Since Fling’s version isn’t being updated anymore having parity with that trainer would be very helpful. It is sorely missed in the community.