Melanie Iglesias Wallpaper




Hope you guys like it :smiley:
(Not made by me)

If picture from the first spoiler doesn’t shows up, [u]click meh[/u] :smile:

Meh i like it better when she has little to no clothes on.

The image is broken for me D:

Why Spoiler no open =(

Image broken?


But even better with out clothes, i mean wat?


Who doesn’t? :smiley:

Broken Image.

Image doesn’t work and neither does the link.

The link gives me a 503 error any way to fix this?

I tried opening the spoiler and the image was broken, same with the link.

Try uploading to here instead; imgur: the simple image sharer

Ya now the link is broken. I WANNA SEE THIS PICTURE!!!

503 error.

It should be fixed now

Added a few more ones < 3

Well said.

You guys have no respect…

The wallpaper just looks like a simple stock IMO.

Tried to and got an error :anguished:
But i found it on wallbase, here’s the Link

Definitely my new wallpaper for a while. On my phone and desktop

Can u see them other ones i added?
Because there’s the same pic :smiley: