Memory Transfer Question

For anyone who has transferred their data from one hard drive to another, when you transfer all your data from your hard drive, do the licenses also transfer?

Specifically, I have a 60 GB hard drive that has all my game data and what not, and another 120 GB hard drive that I wanted to move all my data to. I already know how to do it, but I was wondering whether stuff like DLC will be moved too and whether I would be able to play it right away. Because I have DLC on the 60 GB that was purchased on my first account before it got permanently banned, and because I cannot log into it since it’s banned, I would be unable to re-download these DLC’s, and I refuse to pay for them again.

It will transfer everything over to the new hard drive. I’ve done it well over a dozen times in the past 7 years or so. The licenses have to do with the console you downloaded the games, DLC’s and other content on, so just upgrading hard drives you’ll be fine. If you ever got a new console then you would have to transfer the licenses to that console.

Damnit, I was hoping even if I put the hard drive into my other console I wouldn’t have to transfer the licenses since I can’t. Anyway thanks Steve, guess I won’t be trading in my console.