Message date / time offset

I just wrote a message and noticed that it is shown as it was posted yesterday (July 10), but the correct date today is July 11. Does’nt it use a local date + time? It would be the best for the users to show their own time. The time difference is about 11 hours (it shows hours only).

Make sure you’ve set your timezone on your profile

I like to set it, but my profile is different, it lacks this option.
It only contains the username and an email address.
Altough, my timeset is correct (I can insert it here):
date=2023-07-11 timezone=“Europe/Budapest”

It is under the profile tab.

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Where is this “profile tab”?
My profile contains only the username and an email address and nothing else.

On the forums click your profile picture.

OK I found it at last.
I checked and my timezone is correct.
So we are at the starting point of my question.

Why was it yesterday date at my fresh, new message?
It is a vertical bar at the right side and it is also shown inside my message.
(now, at this message it shows correct time difference)