Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Fulton device problems

I am using Infinity to cheat MGSV The Phantom Pain. I will go to extract something, and is says I have 24 fulton extraction devices on me. When I use one on something, it will go all the way down to zero and will not let me extract anything else. I am not sure if the problem is with the game or with the cheats, but i’m getting tired of having to call in a supply drop every time I want to extract something. Any help would be nice.

Same, it only happens for me when infinite ammo is active. Ive been getting this for a while now, any help would be nice, havent found any others w/ help on the issue. I feel it may be a value that goes over and makes it default to 0, maybe the cheat should only make them goto 24 or just add a new one after one is used if that is the issue?