Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Using version 1.15 of the game and everything works except the unlimited lives. When i enable it, it turns itself off automatically. Please fix it.

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Unlimited Health toggles itself off… When I try to toggle on, it automatically switch to off.

Please Fix.
Thank You!

Yes, what @ [SeanX97]Said,

Unlimited Health toggles itself off… When I try to toggle on, it automatically switch to off.

This has been happening for months. At least Late Jan to mid Feb. 2021. I gave up and started GHOST RECON Breakpoint, which (W) mods do not work at all. Anywho, please Fix MGS V:TPP (W) mods, I am so close to the end, just want to now get it out of the way. Thank you.

Hi @chaz373 , as a workaround on this. You can use the October 30, 2019 version of this mod. Just click the “History” tab, below the “Play” button and click the said version.


is there a way to get the instant build thing to work online??? I really want this upgraded pistol, but it’s gonna take 4 days and 20 hours IRL, what can I do to speed it up?

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Thanks. I tried using WM again on MGS and the health action worked again. I think it was out of whack a little bit after the last patch update. Works fine now :slight_smile:

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Any chance to add a timer option for the missions that have a timer countdown?


WEMOD Says my game is incompatible but its on steam, is there another version i need to download on steam, confused.

mine says it needs and update to be compatible with the game, and I think we could use some More cheats, like infinite D-Walker health and ammo, no D-Walker reload, infinite D-Dog health, invisible cheat, stuff like that

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always a pleasure to help

Would it be possible to add on the trainer the ability to play game in 21:9 aspect ratio?
Thank you

Would love to see a cheat for Morale. Running around on a massive Motherbase trying to shake everyones hand is a waste of gaming time.



Can we get a super speed cheat? And maybe a cheat that allows us develop items without requirements?

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Could you please add an option for resetting online resources? I’m having issues with Infinite resources getting stuck. Just out of nowhere I have all type of resources (from processed materials to vehicles and walker gears) maxed out and it’s very annoying. Thanks in advance.

this trainer needs an update. i absolutely love the freedom this mod gives to let players use their imagination freely while playing but atm it bogs my game down far too much to enjoy anymore. It crashes and kicks me offline a lot as well. I love this mod so much and thank you for your hard work <3

Chrisman it’s great that you enjoy the mods, it would be more beneficial if you could give more feed back about the mods. Instead of saying that it crashes, also the mods are specifically only to be used offline please read the instructions in the future.

I see that the latest update for this game was done in Feb 2021. However the Unlock All Items doesn’t work anymore which is okay considering all the other ones work fine. I can also confirm that this works well with SnakeBite as well and causes no conflicts. I would agree with KindSnake 96 if it was possible to add a Resource reset and have a slider instead for Unlimited Resources broken down by Resource. Just throwing an idea out there.

Why does it says Not Compatible on my end?

Can you check now and see if it still shows as not compatible?

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