Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Cheats and Trainer for Steam

all good now. Thanks!

btw Nioh Complete Edition is also under Not Compatible.

Can’t you make/add mod where the AI become female and another one all the AI’s Skills are S++ on the free roam and also get the unlimited Health because that doesn’t work as well.

Can this be made into Xbox usable please. There are certain games that are with game-pass and this is a great one.

There’s a mod on nexusmods that makes all AI female I believe, and there’s also a mod that makes all Staff S++ (I’m using it), there’s also a seperate mod to make certain special characters locked with shitty stats into S++ as even with the previous mod, those special characters don’t get affected. WeMod is for cheats, not just add mods to the game lol. Also for me Infinite Health works fine, just don’t fall from a height that insta kills you because you’ll get stuck in ragdoll and will have to reload the checkpoint.

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Some of the trainers keeps deactivating automatically. Can you please update the trainer

The unlimited resources cheat is not working. I go offline it does not work, nor does it work when I’m online. Would you be able to fix this please?

I would also like to 2nd this request.
I wanted a bit more of a resource to start research and now I have SO MUCH of everything that its too easy.

Sadly, it somehow uploaded to my online profile as well. i might be screwed?

Please add it to xbox

I would say the umlimited health doesn’t work. you still get shot a certain amount of times, you die, but never actually die. just laying on the ground not able to do anything…

Does anybody know if this works with METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Definitive Experience?

I ‘think’ The Definitive Experience is the Standard Edition with a lot of skins plus Ground Zeroes.
If I were you I’d give it a try, it worked fine on the Standard Edition.

does anyone having problem with trying to develop the Grade 8 PG-67 AR? It keep saying that i don’t have enough resource since it only ask 9389270 GMP and i have more than that because i use cheat.

There should be an “Teleport to waypoint” cheat, as well as an “Unlimited Tool Battery” cheat.

Tools include, but are not limited to: Camo, Camo Prototype, Drugs such as Noctocyanin, etc.

the “reset heroism to 0” feature does not actually works btw