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METAL GEAR SURVIVE Cheats and Trainer for Steam




I have one more question if you don’t mind. I am working off of the assumption that using the KUBAN cheat would not be very advisable since you can use the resource to level your character up. Thus, using said cheat while in the training machine would cause some red flags, wouldn’t it?


I don’t know. I don’t have the game so I have no clue what you’re talking about.
I would need an explanation for someone that does not own the game to make any kind of assumption


Not if you use it in single player only.


@STiNGERR i love that you have the drive and time to make this trainer but you haven’t updated the Civ trainer in almost 6 months even though myself and multiple other people have asked for you to!!!

But on another note, good trainer.
The durability thing, stamina, and kuban energy are wonky though.
The damage on guns still decrease over time even with the unlimited durability on.
The kuban energy doesn’t work when trying to upgrade items or level up. You have to exit the menus, check your pda, reset the cheat, teleport or go back to main menu, then come back and level up.
The unlimited stamina acts up and deactivates by itself sometimes, but that may just be infinity. Once I restart it it works again.

Some ideas.
Unlimited resources
sped up/instant exploration missions times
add kuban energy
instant item creation (like in subnautica)
damage editing
explosion size editing
speed editing
if possible, a change in event occurrence. make events like animal detection, crate spawn and mining spawn happen more often. there is a late game event in SP that gives you rewards just as good, if not better, than a S rank MP mission completion. Its a “dangerous monster detected” type thing. This big boss like motherFer pops out of a portal and it has ass tons of health. i’ve only ran into 2 of em so far.


I’ve noticed with the Stamina issue it normally happens if you toggle it on and off while unlimited oxygen is active, I tested it, when unlimited o2 is turned on and you try and toggle stamina it just flickers back and forth (turning off) but if you turn off unlimited o2 the Stamina cheat seems to start working again, only seemed to happen after the o2 cheat got added but it’s a work around! hope it helps some! after looking at CE and a few other things I think that’s the only way that kuban energy works or any time of item injections, you need to “refresh” it per say, by telephoning/quit game /picking up a new item, I found that if I turned the cheat on waited for the 999999 etc then turned it off and pick up a crop or water from the base it seemed to fix the 99999 etc, think that’s just the way the game sorts things out, you edit the value but require something to then fix it in place with updating something legit.


@manningj. He sure did update civ. Take a look about 4 hours ago. Have to look


my only suggestion would be a weapon/durability reset or unlimited item use like fences or grenades.


has he don’t any updates yet?

Someone let me know if he has or is he has not. Hopefully some of the bugs will get fixed.


the Inf stamina is acting up, the good thing is now we know he is still working on it. hopefully this mod will be fully complete with no problem. good luck “STiNGERR”


Just as a Hint, after the Patch 1.04 today, Stamin, Thirst, Hunger, Kuban cheat dont works anymore.
The rest works fine.


Ever since the update this morning the Unlimited stamina, no hunger, and unlimited Kuban energy have quit working.


daddy! the stuff is borked


@STiNGERR Trainer is not working fully in v.1.04


When will the issues with v1.04 be worked out?


Dad we need you!!! @STiNGERR


@STiNGERR The cheats for metal gear survive are not working with update v1.04, the cheats that are malfunctioning/not operating are as follow: Unlimited stamina, no hunger, no thirst also does not work, Unlimited stamina and no hunger refuse to toggle on, when you attempt to turn them on they just turn back off, No thirst toggles on but does not function at all as your thirst still depletes as normal.


I have the feeling that also the unlimited durability is also not working right, the weapons doesn’t break but

for example: i’m shooting enemys with my assault rifle in the first minutes i make 180 damage per shot, also headshot 520 dmage. After like 5 minutes im making only 10 damage per shot and 100 per headshot. If im using the transporter i have again the 180.


The game has been updated so that most functions can not be used


out of date some trainers