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METAL GEAR SURVIVE Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Test all cheats and they’re all working great, the only bug I can find so far is the Ammo cheat is adding weight with no way to lower it, tried dumping all ammo from inventory but the weight persists.

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Well that’s a bugger @sacrmnt I was hoping today I can Play MGS without any issues. I think my OCD would kick in hard if the ammo is capping my weight limit I guess I’ll wait again until this bug is fixed by @STiNGERR. But dang these trainer creators are going ham with updates and new trainers. Much :heart: WEMOD Trainer Creators

EDITED i guess simply the answer to fixing that issue is not to use the unlimited ammo on this but well you know a dozen of zombie comes running at you and CLICK…CLICK…CLICK The guns empty.



The unlimited ammo works without gaining weight, it’s the no reload that does it. So you should be good to go @I3loodDevil.

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Yeah thanks I feel like a idiot not thinking about the no reload causing the issue. Thank you for clarifying that to me. :heart:



Can there be a cheat for indestructible fences? Even with infinite ammo and health it’s really hard to defend base camp digs because enemies attack from all angles, and I can’t get to all of them in time.



Would it be possible to update this again? Alot of them aren’t running for me and I really wanna use this to catch up to my friends.



Kiro556 is right. The infinite kuban energy doesn’t work, and the unlimited weapon durability doesn’t work.

Also will it be possible to do a “no crafting requirements” cheat?



The METAL GEAR SURVIVE cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

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is it possible to add infiny weight :smiley:

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Any fix for the kuban cheat? It caps at 99999 when activated and if you had more than that its gone for good, the amount isnt enough to level up.



I’ve noticed that even if I toggle unlimited durability on the Damage dealt by the weapon still continues to decrease over time with each consecutive shot fired or swing, Probably a Update on Konami’s end broke something with the script is my guess but would you mind checking it out stingerr when you have the chance?



here’s some ideas i think it would be good.

increase kuban energy to 999,999
damage editing
speed editing
Unlimited resources
unlock everything (Weapon, gears, Gadget etc)

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Can there be a cheat for more damage?
thanks in advance