Metro 2033 Mod Tool Doesn't Work

I’m using the mod tool for Metro 2033 in Horizon and add “unlimited ammo” and “god mode” to it. I click on save, put it on my HD continue the story and I don’t have unlimited ammo Or God Mode.

Do I have to remove my cache or something?

The mods may of been patched… doubt it but try clearing your cache then try.

If it does work there is your answer ^

If you have infinite ammo does that mean you can buy items without spending any?

Make sure you’re not loading an auto-save.

I got it to work. I just cleared my cache and modded my preferences file when the game got stuck. From hereby I give permission to close this thread. Thanks everyone for the support.

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I have a new problem now. When I modded the preferences file and boot up my game I play for a while and then out of nothing the game freezes. This occurs alot even when I try to re-mod the file again.

Is there some kind of solution to this problem?

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What exactly did you mod in the preferences? Did you just clear the cache and then use the mod tool?

I believe there’s only infinite health and ammo

I think that If you manually change the configuration items in the editor you can change a lot of things. Clicking the tabs in the tool simply inserts a couple of lines into this file. Actually just changing the 0 to a 1 from the default settings for the variables. Depending on what if anything else was changed may help isolate the problem.

With horizon I modded infinite health and infinite ammo.
I play with the TU of 31. Dec 10 06:36.

anyone no the line to add lots off sammo/money useing horizen

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