Metro 2033 Modding Tool

Does the Metro 2033 tool work? i tried it and it keeps saying i need to open a save file. i did. somehow i dont think it recognizes it i was using my latest autosave

I’ve heard people saying it hasnt been working, I personally havent used it and dont have the game so im unsure

Upload the save and we’ll take a look.

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should be it the other saves are like 60kb this one is 680 plus its my autosave so i figured i should use it

Are you not meant to edit the cfg file its easy just edit it in notepad

i… i dont know i just tried to open it with the tool on horizon

well now i ran into a wall… i cant find anymore gas mask and i keep dying

Save the game. Don’t use an autosave.

i think your supposed to use the preference file but i tried that and it saved fine but didnt work at all must be patched?

metro 2033 has been patched for a while

will there be a fix for this so the file can be modded again since the new patch or will the tool just be removed now.

I could really use an answer on this one.

I really dont make many post unless they are good or they need an answer.

Has this been fixed?

also having this problem … any news on if this will be sorted ??

worked out the problem… you have to mod your prefrences not your save game…