Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition - WeMod Ditched GOG

When I purchased Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition on GOG, I didn’t know WeMod would stop creating cheats for GOG’s Metro Exodus. I’ve beaten Metro Exodus on Hardcore, and being able to experience the game with cheats is extremely enjoyable. Since WeMod has ditched GOG’s Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, I feel there is no reason for me to keep my subscription.

Who feels that WeMod should treat all platforms equally? I do.

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Hello and welcome back to the community. :slight_smile:

I will need to correct you here. WeMod did not “ditch” the Enhanced Edition of Metro Exodus on GOG - the community did.

WeMod makes and updates trainers based on community demand for those trainers. It’s a fully democratic system, in other words. Apologies that the tens of thousands of individuals that make up WeMod do not think it currently needs a GOG trainer for this version of the game.

Making, maintaining, and hosting trainers that have little to no demand in the community is an extremely uneconomical waste of WeMod’s time, money, and resources, all of which are finite.

You can learn how trainers are selected to be made and updated here: Game Queue - WeMod Support.

  • That being said, have you attempted to use any of the other platform’s enhanced edition trainers by pressing the Fix button in the trainer and manually linking the .exe to it?
  • If that doesn’t work, then try doing the same thing but with the non-enhanced edition trainers.
    • The only real difference between the standard and enhanced editions is that the latter has been given a graphical overhaul - No additional content or DLCs, just prettier pictures - other than that their content is exactly the same.
  • Otherwise, the Gold Edition, which contains all of the DLCs plus the enhanced edition, is 87% off on Steam, through a key reseller: Metro Exodus - Gold Edition | PC | CDKeys. if you do not wish to wait for the community to show enough demand for a GOG version. :slight_smile:

You call it democratic, and I call it lazy. You’re attempting to make large profits through laziness. It would be best if you worked to make all the gamers happy. Yet, you lack empathy and understanding that sometimes you need to work harder to strengthen your business.

You’re attempting to open doors to gain money, yet you’re closing some of them. You could be making more profits, yet you’re too lazy and don’t care, which kills businesses. Rethink your strategy because one of your previous employees is making a profit where you’re losing it. The person who created the new trainer for Metro Exodus GOG was your previous employee.

I want your business to grow, but sometimes you must open your eyes to the reality that hard work counts for something. On that note, I hope you have a wonderful week.



While I respect your opinion, I have to disagree. Both as someone who has been volunteering in the WeMod community for several years, and also as someone who is a working as Community Manager and a Marketing Manager for a game development studio worth several billions in USD.

  • WeMod has been around for over a decade now - I believe 12 years give or take - following a democratic system which, over the years, has been approved.

  • It was first founded as “Horizon” and focused solely on the Xbox Console, before expanding to the PC platform too and renaming to WeMod, since the word “Horizon” was extremely common and non-unique, so it wasn’t particularly good for search-engine optimisation.

  • Any system that has been working for over a decade is clearly a good system.

  • Onto your topic of laziness, since it costs a great deal of time, money, and resources to keep track of the majority’s demands and implement them, I’m afraid you’ve got it backwards.

  • We would be lazy if we ignored what the majority of the community wants and paid attention to the smaller, much easier to manage minority.

  • You should also really avoid jumping to speculation and making comments like “one of your previous employees is making a profit where you’re losing it” when you would not in fact have any access to such data to factually verify this. Without such data, statements like this are really nothing more than baseless conspiracies and theories.

Apologies to see that you disagree with our democratic system. But it has clearly been working well for WeMod for over a decade now. While democracy itself has been working perfectly fine for over 2,525 years. We pay attention to the majority, because it is good for business - and that’s what WeMod is, a business not a charity.

At the end of the day there are people who need to put food on their family’s tables, and they’re not going to do that if the company is only able to afford to pay them in peanuts because they keep making trainers that are used by less than 10 people.
All the adults here have voted for things in life that they want, but did not get them because a majority wanted something else - that’s life and we all have to live with it.
Our system works so well that other (more expensive) rivals (with less trainers and developers than WeMod) are trying to imitate us. People only imitate the successful. :slight_smile:

TL;DR: Business won’t grow if it listens to minority demands instead of the majority demands. Not only is this proven economical and educational fact, but it’s also common sense. WeMod has been working fine with such a democratic system for over a decade.

Have a great day! Don’t miss out on the better version of Metro Exodus Gold Edition being 7.99, reduced from 59.99. :slight_smile:

Since this is one of those topics where we’ll just be going around in circles and being repetitive until someone agrees to disagrees, I’ll be closing the thread. :slight_smile: