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Metro Exodus

I just found out that Metro Exodus will be removing their option to preorder on steam and will be exclusively launching on EPIC. Which platform (steam or epic) will a mod more likely be made for?

Really no steam anymore ? What the hell’s wrong with these damm game dev’s.
Which ever is gonna release the game.
We dont have any epic guess we’ all see what happens

We do not support games from the Epic store currently. We will support it on steam and we suggest you preorder it before it is removed later today.

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Just bought it on steam now. Thanks @Chris for the heads up and alerting the community.

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Yeah @ptondo its really terrible. They have said that they will bring it back to steam after a year of release which makes no since to me. I hate it because it splits my library of games and friends list. If a game isnt on steam im very likely to not play it or buy it.

That’s ridiculous ! crazy another games store. I only buy games from steam cuz I will buy the steam gift cards with cash then put it on steam. All my other credit cards are full. Lol.

guys…guys… looks like metro exodus made an exodus to epic store heheh



Yeah, I got my Steam copy. Epic can gtfo

Precise don’t be like that. you love Epic. They made your most favorite game. Fortnite

What is that?

I don’t know you tell me


As long as the binaries (more precisely, the .text/.code section) are identical, the platform doesn’t matter. If anyone in the game hacking community complains about making a trainer for X platforms, then that’s classical shyte :smiley:

metro exodus is on pc outside of the epic store through the xbox game pass

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