MGS5: TPP (PC) Crashing When Launched Through Infinity - Fix?

I’m having an issue with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain immediately crashing when I try to launch it through Infinity. I had no issues with it last week, so I was wondering if it just needs to be updated or do I need to do something to fix it?

Does it crash when activating cheats, or is it before that?

Before that. The game won’t fully start up.

Alright, start the game and let it fully load up before you press “start game” in infinity.

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Nice, that looks like it worked. Thanks for your help and sorry to take up your time.

infinity is crashing my TPP, i’ve tried both ways I’ve tried to run TPP through steam then start infinity and running infinity directly but it keeps crashing. Also this just started two days ago before it was working fine. Please help I like the faint all ability.