Microsoft: 360 Owners Will Buy Xbox One For Backwards Compatibility

[/img]Xbox One’s backward compatibility feature is a big win for anyone who owns Xbox 360 games. The ability to play through your old library without actually paying extra like in the case of remasters [half of which are horrible anyway] is a great incentive for any Xbox fan. How according to Xbox One India head Anshu Mor, the backwards compatibility feature will actually bring in Xbox 360 owners to the Xbox One.

“There is a firm believe actually that a lot of people would migrate from the Xbox 360 platform to the Xbox One platform. While this was obviously a global call the whole technology behind putting Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One was just not one country or subsidiary asking…it was literally the whole world asking,” Anshu said to GamingBolt.

“But to give you a little insight, throughout last year when we were talking to consumers especially the Xbox 360 fan base, all of them were telling us one concern that we have an investment in games on the Xbox 360 platform and we don’t want to give up that investment. I think we have solved that and those investments that they were talking about the games so we have kind of solved that. With that investment sorted, we do believe that a lot of them will shift this year.”

It remains to be seen what kind of impact it will have on Xbox One sales. But given that its competitor, the PS4 has no such feature [although there are reports that Sony is working on one], the Xbox One only has more to gain in the long run. We will see how it all pans out.


i agree 1st gen gamers will most likely move to the xbox one now but its a case of too little too late for the ones with a ps4 in their rooms, what a silly error from microsoft anyway and they lost a huge amount of gamers through it.

Wait, aren’t there like 5 games available atm?


Wait, aren’t there like going to be well over 100+ games available to release when the dashboard is released live? Oh yeah.


I fail to understand why it’s real difficult to just bust the Xbox 360 out when you wanna play a 360 game…

It’s not difficult, it’s just the convenience I suppose of having two systems on one. Also how much laziness has escalated with this generation. Even the easiest thing to do is an effort.

It’s a nice feature, don’t get me wrong…

I just can’t work out why people refuse to upgrade to Xbox One because they still wanna play their 360 games… Surely your TV has more than one HDMI port?

What games are they adding with this dash update? Zoo Tycoon and Fifa?

Current list of “confirmed” games here.

Gonna be 100+ come Novembers launch.