Microsoft Exec: The Power of the Cloud Will Exceed Expectations

[/img]When Microsoft announced the Xbox One back in 2013, it touted something extra that all console owners will receive. The power of the cloud that will make the console more powerful than it already is. As the name indicates, the Xbox One’s underlying architecture is used to communicate with a remote server that carries out complex computations such as in-game physics and destruction and sends the result back to the console. In short, the in-game effects are no longer confined to the console’s in built architecture.

Players were optimistic regarding what this technology could bring in for Xbox One but Microsoft had no practical demonstration other than a short demo that was released in 2014. But during last month’s Gamescom, Microsoft finally showcased Crackdown 3, a cloud based title offloads complex destruction simulation to a remote server resulting into effects which a modern, high-end PC will struggle to render.

GamingBolt spoke to Xbox boss of India, Anshu Mor and asked him about his thoughts on the cloud and how it can set new trends for multiplayer gaming.