Microsoft Exec: Xbox One Black Friday Sales Were ‘Really Strong’

[/img]Black Friday sales of the Xbox One were quite impressive, according to Microsoft. The company is pointing to a number of different deals that were offered during the biggest shopping day of the year including some bundles that saw the console fly off the shelves. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg stated that the Black Friday sales were really strong and that his sources told him that both the PS4 and Xbox One sold really well. We’ll have to take the company’s word for it right now, considering that Microsoft is still tallying the final numbers up and likely won’t be releasing them anytime soon.

Still, it’s far from a surprise to hear their bundles were getting lots of people to buy them, especially when you take into account that the other consoles currently on the market also had big sale days recently. The Wii U actually took home the best day when it comes to people who were buying consoles from Target stores. One industry analyst says that the PS4 was the biggest seller when it comes to Best Buy.

Considering those are two of the biggest brick and mortar retailers in the country, one has to wonder what Microsoft could have done in order to count it’s Black Friday as “really successful.” Perhaps the console didn’t win the day, but had quite a better sales number than the year prior. Until we actually get a look at the numbers, we’ll just have to guess. The company is also likely leaning hard on making sure it has a good Cyber Monday to follow up on Black Friday. We do know that the Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 were named by Adobe as being the best selling devices among the broader category on Black Friday.