Microsoft Focusing On New Games For Xbox One Instead Of 360 Remakes

[/img]Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has fired up his Twitter account once more to answer some questions from eager Xbox fans. Ahead of the coming E3 a lot of fans are eager to know more about what games will be revealed but this time the Xbox head replied to a question regarding bringing Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One.

The Xbox 360 brought us an amazing collection of games and we keep hoping for a sequel or reboot to Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. Last month Spencer stated that he likes JRPS’s and he was a fan of LO and BD. Only time will tell whether these will ever see the light though.

When asked about bringing Fable: Anniversary to the Xbox One, Spencer replied that there are lots of games he wants to bring to the Xbox One. Problem is that there is only so much time. The Xbox head wants to focus on bringing new games to the console. Spencer continues that these are no easy tradeoffs: