Microsoft gave me money?

When I went to check the price of an add-on on my Xbox, I seen a ‘credit card between a wallet’ icon with $19.45 beside it. If I’m correct, can I use that to lower down the price of an add-on that I’m interested in? I want the add-on, but not bad enough to spend over $30 on it.


Correct. Must of been some left over MSP from when they did the conversion. Upon checkout, it will use the balance in the wallet, then charge the rest to the selected payment method.

Alright, thanks. I might just go ahead and get it since its near, anyway. (Destiny Season Pass)

Did you buy Assassin’s Creed Unity?

Or its from xbox live rewards. The give out money in your local currency once you reach 5000 or above and only on certain days as well.

Yupp, you get a really small refund for every purchase, i.e “xbox live rewards”.

Yeah you do, and during one month, I recieved 50 dollars from xbox live rewards and it was because i had purchased almost 30 games during that month.

Xbox Live Rewards: Spend $1,800, receive $50!

The only time I’ve been gifted free money was after I had a problem with purchasing the Halo: 4 Season Pass.

Long Story Short
  • I purchased the content.
  • It didn’t fully download/wasn’t in download history.
  • I called Microsoft Support.
  • They refund me the cash.
  • I repurchase the content.
  • It fully downloads.
  • I, again, get refunded the cash.