Microsoft has revamped its Xbox Live Rewards program

[/img]Xbox Live Rewards have been revamped with incentives such as MyMissions and MyStats.

Broken down by Game Informer, these are just some of the new ways for players to earn credits.

Users will now also earn stars and larger discounts and the more you spend, the more stars you will earn.

With MyMissions, users can track earning opportunities across Xbox One and Xbox 360 and MyStats will help track your Xbox Live usage against friends and the global community.

There’s also the Refer a Friend program which will accumulate credits: when a referred friend buys an Xbox Live Gold sub, the referrer will earn 1,000 credits.

Users will also earn rewards for completing Punchcards, taking surveys, spending in the Xbox Store, and once they earn 5,000 Rewards Credits, they will be converted to local currency and deposited into the user’s Microsoft account.

Rewards can be redeemed for games, movies, TV shows and other options available through the Xbox Store.

There’s more information on the revamped rewards program over on the official website.


I still thing you should get reward points for getting a full set of achievements on one game, so on and so on. It’s all well and good rewarding those who get gold subscriptions but that’s easily obtainable, make it a challenging feature and people will flock.

you get nothing with rewards

…that’s not true at all.

This actually seems like a really cool idea!