Microsoft is looking at PC-to-Xbox One streaming

[/img]Ever since Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would support streaming Xbox One games to PC, we’ve all been demanding answers as to if we can stream PC games to Xbox One. After all, that’s the more useful application, right? Microsoft have always said it was something they’d look at, but talking to The Verge head of Xbox Phil Spencer has said that PC streaming is seriously " in scope of things that we want to do."

It’s all a case of hardware apparently. “We understand if you’re going to go PC to Xbox, we need to get keyboard and mouse working completely so you could play those games,” explains Spencer. “In terms of where we want to go with our platform, those are absolutely in scope of things that we want to do.”

Not only is there the issue of input control, but also the vast variation of hardware configurations. Whilst streaming from Xbox One is easy because the hardware is predictable, “It’s actually a little more challenging doing the encoding on the PC side to the Xbox,” says Spencer. “But challenge is good.”

So while we don’t quite have any true confirmation that the feature is coming to Windows 10, it is at least great to hear that Microsoft are seriously looking at how it can be done.


That is going to be a good add. For those who want stream.

currently it’s only screen cast (currently in preview) from pc/phone/tablet to xbox one but in theory once game streaming happens that could bring in a possible exploit to allow access for saves to be edited for the xbox one.

How about they add some 360 games?!

They are

Sounds stupid to be honest just like streaming xbox one to pc. Why would I want to add delay plus have another device on?

Actually there is no delay. I was using it and was incredibly surprised at how well it streamed. No lag or delay, only thing was quality went down from 1080 to like 720, occasionally 480 but very playable

The nice thing about this feature is for those who have their console hooked up to their family room tv and when someone wants to watch tv, you can just go to another room and play that way

I don’t see any “real” games (except for Mass Effect) available on X1 atm.

I guarantee there is a delay if it is going through wifi or ethernet. It may not be much but it is there.

I just want to play something like Halo CE/Halo Custom Edition, Halo 2 Vista, PC Fallouts and TES games streamed from our PC to our Xbox One. Well, something along the lines of that :stuck_out_tongue: