Microsoft Kinect has problems recognising the faces of black people

One common message in Microsoft’s $500 million advertising push for their Kinect motion-control accessory for the Xbox 360 is the idea that the Kinect is an inclusive device meant to bring friends and families together. Someone should tell the Kinect’s facial-recognition software that, though, because it anecdotally appears to have a reluctance to accurately track black people.

According to Gamespot, while testing the Kinect, two of their darker-skinned employees couldn’t accurately get the system’s facial recognition to work. In fact, one of the employees simply couldn’t have his face recognized by the Kinect at all.

It’s easy to make a big stink about this, but in actuality, this is a problem with facial recognition technology: it requires a lot of differences in contrast to work properly, and darker skinned individuals can often puzzle cameras because there’s necessarily less contrast in their face.

Consider last year’s “HP Media Smart Is Racist” story. It’s basically the same thing with the Kinect, and can be solved the same way: dark skinned users will need to make sure to illuminate their faces more than lighter skinned users.

There’s a lot of problems with the Kinect, including laggy controls, sporadic voice recognition and limited field of view. Thankfully, though, racism isn’t one of them.


I died when i saw this on the news.
Now the 2% of black people that actually bought it will be pissy o.O

Microsoft are racist!
but thats really random :stuck_out_tongue:

Lmao! :smiley:

Wow figures. They will all be complaining about this now lol

It’s really not random at all. The face recognition works off refractions of light and the darker your skin, the harder it is to pick up those color tones.

Explain how it’s random exactly?

Hahaha nice post dean, Its true though have you seen there Polish and Uk adverts?

Cant wait for Dcigs to make a video hating on this :laughing:

I really hope you aren’t being serious, and I don’t think you are so it’s ok, but I wouldn’t think Microsoft to do that as they could lose millions in law suits.

Wow, lol that just made my day. Funny stuff.

Damn, Kinect is flawed.

Microsoft is owned by a white man, what do you expect…?

see i was right away with what i sead in a seperate post
kinect is rubbish the tracking system can only track hippos JUST
but the hippos face wont get recognised

That is a discrase in my oppinion , it should beable to trace black people.


No, they won’t…

Why do you think there were no black people in the commercials?

Actually, it’s owned by a small Asian man -_-
That’s just common sense.

Share holders of MS are the owners, no one person owns it. Bill Gates was only the co-founder and CEO

Lol they should fix this ASAP haha