Microsoft Kinect has problems recognising the faces of black people

I knew MS was racist

oh dear

thats just embarrassing

Maybe if people played in well lit rooms, it wouldn’t be a problem. At first it wouldn’t recognize my face either. I was playing in a well lit room. It was around 1:00pm, I had a window open, and the sun was out. But it didn’t recognize me. So I turned on a light in the room, and it was able to pick me up with no problem. People just want to start controversy, for no reason.

Heres kinects motto “Kinect: Its really amazing (if you white)”

Garentee someone will sue lol

Kinect is black and can’t recognize black people…


It isn’t intentional racism, facial recognition has only come so far, but hilarious at the same time.

**** i was gunna buy kenect , ohhh wait :confused:

Wow, like they haven’t tested it on black people… Surprised.

mhm. Camera’s designed for facial recognition can’t see me.

But cameras designed for surveillance provide enough facial recognition to see me.


But tone it down with the comments guys, I saw a picture or two that were kinda uncalled for >.<

they didn’t test it with black people because they didn’t want flies in their building.

Damn that is some funny stuff, nice find Dean.

Way to be a racist d**k…

kinetic i really don’t think its for me

That makes it better than the whole post!

Damn, That’d suck for all the dark skinned people who bought Kinect.
You’d think that Microsoft would test it on all skin colours, not just 'dem white crackers.

Thanks for the share Dean.

this is quite surprising. However atleast it wasn’t because Microsoft is racist. Microsoft wins!

wow this is hilarious… m$ you racist bastards! :smile:

great something new for them to ***** about …

Your ignorance amuses me…