Microsoft Sais NO! To spaced gamertags ;)

Credits to Elliot for this info…


You can no longer have spaced names, im not sure if this will be permanent, or just now when v1 tags are getting reset.

There was a bug that you could change your username to, lets say, if you see a v1 tag that looks amazing, we say… “Fanta”, you could change your name to “F anta”, and when it gets reset you will get “Fanta”…

Thank you elliot.

What you guys think about this?

Those that haves a spaced name is writing history xD :smiley:

This is OLD <3

The last time that someone could actually make a spaced tag was back in August last year.

<3 Psyco.

I have a spaced name… Yay!

Nah, you can leave it open so it clears things up for people who don’t know.

spaced gamertags?

Now, updated.

Wait so what you can’t make them anymore or the ones that are spaced got reset?

You cant make them anymore.

how’d you mean by spaced names? Like Gt’s with spaces in them?

Don’t forget to add that if you have a spaced out tag, and the og gets reset, you basically own the OG. I’m not going to further explain this, some people already know this, but a lot don’t.

If “M i c h a e l” is taken
Michael is impossible to take, aswell as M ichael and any other variation of spacing it out, right?

Yeah, Michael got reset, but some kid has M i c h a e l, but it’s ok, I have his dox.



OP:but this is good even though you couldn’t get one since they first found out about it and took all of them :expressionless:

I changed my name to Chicken Warlord last month

i have a spaced tag

lmao, that’s not what I meant. I meant tags like C h i c k e n. etc…

I hate my life.

I have a feeling that they’re going to change GT permissions. I mean… Is it a glitch that if the full name is taken, but the spaced can’t be taken also? or vice versa? I mean… it would make sense if they would allow us to have spaced and non spaced. Maybe they’ll actually allow that once we run out of gamertags.

He means Spaced tags for v1 resets :?