Microsoft VKB

I don’t know if there is already access to the Microsoft external VKB (publicly) but I could offer that.

EDIT: So it won’t be sold or traded. At this point I’m contemplating whether or not to give out the login for everyone to use.

An example of the information you can get with this is included in

please explain more of this… like could i have the potential to unban people? your smart talk confuses me

The Microsoft Visual Knowledge Base includes the public information, similar to Error: Your NAT type is set to strict (or moderate)

However, the VKB includes lots of confidential information, mostly procedural, which can give anyone an advantage over the system.

Additionally, it gives the latest updates on current issues and how support staff is supposed to handle it. Taken directly from the “Alerts” section of VKB:

"Beginning Monday, Feb. 7, a small group of agents will be offering customers who need an Out of Warranty console repair some additional options to the standard repair. The offers will vary depending on the customer’s present situation, but in general they will be given the option of purchasing the slim, quiet, Kinect-ready 360 S in either a 4GB model or one with a 250GB hard drive.

In some instances the customer may also be offered additional incentives such as a 3-month Gold LIVE membership, a one-year extended warranty and/or a data migration cable.

These are one-time offers that are valid only at the initial contact with the pilot agent. The customer cannot call back in later to receive the same offer. There is no escalation or queue to transfer customers who may change their mind, or for customers seeking to become part of the random selection."

All of the procedural information from the Guide to Cheap membership thread comes from VKB. Obviously with me working for Xbox support I knew all of it already, but it can be found in VKB as well.

EDIT: Also, you will be introduced to some not-so-public information such as inactive gamertags expiring soon :smile:

You know that gamertag, Clutch, which you’ve always wanted? It will be available soon because it does not have a Windows Live ID associated and hasn’t been logged into for six years.

Just saying, we are really not allowed to Buy, Trade, or sell. Which means, I think, We can not b/t/s Information


i want the gt

I have multiple logins that work for VKB, so it’s mostly a matter of if I just to give everyone access to it or not.

If you gave me a login <3…

you should do a contest giveaway for it that would be sick :thumbsup:

dude thats sick, definitely do a giveaway, or keep to yourself and help out members of the community

i am confused somebody please explain in regular english

I agree man help those that M$ screwed over!!!

If anything I would be doing it because they laid me off. I am erring toward the side of keeping it for myself but updating you guys on the important releases of confidential information. There are some articles in here that I would prefer to keep to myself, at least for a while, so I can make a monetary gain from them elsewhere.

Teaser: Want to send Tier 2 faxes of your ass? 1-866-289-6114

I cant stress enough, on how much I want one of those login details.
I would really really appreciate man.
You’d make my day.

I’ve given out one login to VKB and I think it will stay that way, unless an administrator on the site also wants one.

I will continue to post important updates from VKB as I deem necessary.