Microsoft wants 'Red Dead Redemption' on Xbox One, too

[/img]You aren’t alone in your desire to play Rockstar Games’ old West epic Read Dead Redemption on your Xbox One – Microsoft’s director of program management Mike Ybarra wants to play it again, too. “I would love to see Red Dead,” he said of making the Xbox 360 game backwards-compatible. In a recent interview, Ybarra revealed that it’s a personal favorite and that he’s played hundreds of hours of the dusty 2010 open world game. Behind Call of Duty: Black Ops II, it’s number two on the list of fan-requested titles for the just launched Xbox One backwards compatibility feature.

But Ybarra isn’t in control of what gets approved and what doesn’t. Think about it this way: It’s one of his favorite games, and given Ybarra’s position within Microsoft, even he can’t get this to happen. According to Ybarra, there’s some engineering work that has to be done on a per-game basis, but the real reason for the holdup is something different: Red Dead Redemption’s publisher. “Call Rockstar,” he said. “The biggest hurdle is getting the publishers to approve a title.”

After the gaffes surrounding the Xbox One’s debut, Microsoft has put a huge emphasis on fans voicing their opinions to help shape the console. The company encourages its fans to have a say in a voting process for features – backwards compatibility itself was a deafening fan request. “If fans want those games, they should ask the publishers.”


A next-gen “Red Dead 2” should come before a previous-gen “Red Dead: Redemption” :stuck_out_tongue:

Or, the backwards-compatible Red Dead Redemption could hype up the next, newer game!

…when it comes to games making a return to the Xbox One I can definitely see games like Red Dead Redemption making a lot of noise! Obviously Rockstar Games isn’t known as one of those evil developer companies, but, the reason RDR hasn’t been given the approval, they may not want to move on from it and let it be what it once was. (ex: Worry about old problems rising or being a problem again. // Taking players from their current blockbuster and having them go back to old material. // etc.)

Personally, I’d like to see friends on my list play Red Dead Redemption again, but, with all the newer games that have released recently, could you see a lot of people playing them like they once did? (I’m still being held over with Destiny; with the want of getting into Black Ops: 3.)