Microsoft Wants Xbox One’s Security to be: “a Nightmare For Skilled Hackers

[/img]While they had nothing to do with actual hacking, the DDOS attacks that put a dent in many gamers’ Holidays brought the problem of security back under the spotlight, and Microsoft seems to be taking it seriously, as revealed by a new career opportunity ad seeking a Software Engineer.

Are you passionate about consumer Devices and Security? Enjoy your Xbox for Entertainment and Gaming? Would you like to build a device so secure, that it is a nightmare for the most skilled hackers, yet a delight for all our customers? Have you ever found yourself thinking about how to protect a game or app running on the Xbox console or prevent anyone from cheating when playing online? If so, then we might have a very good opportunity for you!

Our team sits within the Core Operating Systems Group and we are looking for a talented, creative and driven Engineer help push the security bar to a new level on our Xbox One platform. Our mission is to realize the vision of making Xbox One the most secure and trustworthy consumer computing devices in the world. The team owns overall security implementation for Xbox platform including core hardware/firmware security and software. While delivering groundbreaking features central to Microsoft strategy, you will interface with a broad array of teams looking to leverage your work to enhance the Xbox experience.

We are looking for talented individuals that have a proven track record in software development, engineering and shipping robust and secure software.

If you love challenging technical problems and programming close to the metal, this is the job for you. The job requires close interaction with hardware design and carefully thought out operating system and driver modifications to achieve the security goals. This is a fast-paced group that rewards smart and motivated individuals and we take employee growth and work satisfaction very seriously.


That leak really must have scared them…


I doubt it. Having the SDK won’t get hackers anywhere in terms of security. We’re hardware-hacking noobs, but we’re working on it!

The console WILL be hacked. Gotta hope MS allows external storage and console-transferable saves/content though.