Microsoft Will Reveal a Remodeled Xbox One Soon

[/img]Xbox One is not a handy piece of hardware. It is huge, bulky, and rather ugly – so much so that the console was mockingly compared to a VCR from the 1980s.

It’s not that Microsoft purposelessly made the Xbox One humongous. The bulky design helps the console function better, especially after the Red Ring of Death cases with the Xbox 360 – a technical fault that could damage the console beyond repair. Another advantage of the bulky size is that the Xbox One does not heat up as quickly as Sony’s PS4.

However, shelf space does matter, and the size of the console is an issue for users, especially travelers. To make matters worse, the console comes with a “power brick” that takes up even more space.

Although redesigned models are usually released after a gap of four to five years, it seems like Microsoft will release a remodeled console earlier than expected. Netflix’s chief product officer, Neil Hunt, stated in February that Sony and Microsoft had promised them a new hardware, which would support Netflix’s 4K content.

Cost is also an issue that could prompt Microsoft to change its design. Even the slightest of details matter when developing the design for a console; these decisions can affect the cost model of companies as well. Microsoft may look toward the opportunity of lowering its cost by reducing the material required to produce its consoles.

Nevertheless, one thing that could hinder Microsoft’s release of a new design soon is the Hololens. It is still unknown whether Hololens will be an essential part of Xbox One, but if it is, Microsoft may want to release a model that requires no extension in order to take input from the Hololens.

All in all, given that Microsoft is becoming more and more consumer-friendly, a compact design for its bulky console seems highly likely.