Microsoft's RoomAlive makes your whole room a video game

[/img]Microsoft’s IllumiRoom project has expanded beyond a single-Kinect set-up and is now called “RoomAlive.” RoomAlive turns an enclosed area into an interactive gaming space, with enemies and puzzles projected on walls, floors and objects for residents to take out with their hands, feet or peripherals. The new and improved RoomAlive uses multiple projectors and depth cameras to scan a room and all of its contents, and then it superimposes interactive environments on top of everything.

“IllumiRoom was largely focused on display, extending traditional gaming experiences out of the TV,” the Microsoft Research team writes. “RoomAlive instead focuses on interaction, and the new kinds of games that we can create with interactive projection mapping. RoomAlive looks farther into the future of projection mapping and asks, ‘What new experiences will we have in the next few years?’”


Seeing as they made Kinect 2.0 a party trick like the first I can see this bombing.

That looks like fun, if you checked out the video on this site about it. Ign said that it would cost thousands of dollars. I might wait till it is a little cheaper, although it looks decent.

I think the name IllumiRoom sounds better than RoomAlive. Also, one step closer to holographic gaming?

This looks great, but beyond affordable.

I might like this, I can finally role play in my video games naked! Microsoft keeps deleting my accomplishment photos on Kinect games off the leaderboards, not sure why.

They should call it “break everything in the room” instead

Introducing the new Microsoft “RoomDestroy”