Middle earth: shadow of mordor

Hey, I started playing middle earth: shadow of mordor today, with infinity my mouse starts lagging
in irregular intervals for a short period of time. But if I play without infinity there are no lags at all… can you fix it or can somebody help me? (sorry for bad english ^^ )

I’m not aware of any kind of MOUSE lag, while using INFINITY. Are you fully sure, it is indeed caused by Infinity ?

List your FULL PC specs.

It could also be possible, that some other app/program might be creating an input LAG, and/or it is trying to interfere with Infinity.

Open the TASK MANAGER, and check for all running background tasks. Which OS do you have ? Is it really a lag, or the GAME freezes as well ?

Monitor the GPU, as well as CPU usage. I would also make sure that any Windows process is not causing any high DPC latency as well.

Gpu: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
Cpu: intel core i5 - 4670k 3,40GHz (4 times)
16gb ram
OS: Microsoft Windows 10
(is that enough)
it could be something with my mouse 'cause it has some lags but thats kind of rare.

And its an lag 'cause NPC’s are moving normally.

Okay. Which MOUSE model do you actually have ? Check the DPI settings.

Does this lag happen, ONLY while playing Shadow Of Mordor, or even all other PC games as well ? As you are having an NVIDIA GPU, then you can try this temp workaround.

Though, this may or may NOT solve your current problem.

Open the Nvidia Control Panel/NVCP, and check the value of this particular setting, Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames.

The default value of the above setting is 3. But you can override this, by reducing it (e.g. to 1).

A higher value like 4, may provide smoother framerates/fps, but with potentially more input lag, while a lower value can help reduce this input lag, but may also sometimes result in stuttering, or poor performance. You can try reducing it though.

Apart from this, I’m not fully sure what would be causing this lag, as of now.

Let me see, if I can reproduce this issue on my system. Btw, it could be the game engine itself, or directly related to the INFINITY app (some particular cheat option).

@frank, or @STN might have a better solution/answer.

this lag only happens while i’m playing Shadow of Mordor with infinity opened, not even modded