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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Is there a patch on the way for this trainer? I’ve been dying to use it in the new dlc.


No, it is abandoned obviously.


It works with the new DLC. A few options are broke but a lot of them work.

@STN you will be happy to know they are completely redesigning the game so you will probably get to redo the entire trainer.


Not with the new Infinity update, it doesnt even function for me.


Works just fine for me. Did you buy it from steam?


I pushed an update just an hour ago. Did you test it after or before that?


Before and after, still says there isnt any supported trainers available.


Oh that’s unrelated to trainer updates. Completely disable your antivirus and add infinity to its exception. Reinstall infinity making sure you wipe it completely first.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War (Windows Store) Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store

easy kill do not work, the rest does work again XD


I simply fixed what was reported broken. Didn’t know easy kill was broken.

I’ll check it out again


thanks, ghost mode is also strange. gragor etc. will not Attack enemy uruk/ orks (e.g. you brake a cage or so)


The Middle-earth: Shadow of War cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Hey STN, is there a fix also for the windows store version? seems to still be down =/

EDIT: Just noticed it isn’t your name on the windows one, sorry


Yeah i have nothing to do with that.


No worries bud


The unlimited skill points is not working for me, and I have tried running in administrative mode but it still didn’t work.


Get steam version


I am using the steam version of the game.


Before cuople days all be fine,maybe new update is problem,pleasse answer.


Get steam version