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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Hi, first thanks for this trainer!

I’m playing steam version (V1.16) but Unlimited Skill Points, Unlimited Coins, and Experience point doesnt work for me at all. (tried all method as well)

Could you look into it?


i buy infinity PRO,and nothing hapend ,no work unlimited Health and Arrows


Yeah it seems like some of the stuff in the trainer is not working.

Whats not working for me: Health, Skill points, XP and Coins


I updated the trainer just the other day. I am not aware of any game updates after that.

If you are trying it on some dlc, that’s not what this trainer is for. This is for the main game.

Also i hope with health, you guys actually read the notes. Your health might appear to decrease but you’re never going to die.


Actually I was playing the main game not Dlc I blieve, and it was on Act II that none of those options worked for me.


There is no note on the Health so might want to add one so it says that.


Hi Dear

Very nice mod, but sometimes the arrow will not shoot and have to restart the whole game, also exp coin and skill point did not work from beginning, Please let me know if i am doing it wrong <3


The Health and arrows work for me had to use 1 arrow first then used the mod(how it worked for me)
Coins and skills are not working atm and this is in Main game no DLC missions yet,they are there but atm i am playing the Main game only (nice to bash all the way to the Cpt’s :smiley: )


I am aware of skills cheat.


XP option isn’t work for me, either. I’ve pressed the hotkey several times, and it makes the same sound every time. And I still only get the ~8000 XP from story missions and less than 1k for side quests, even after trying the code again and again.


The Trainer is Aware of the new developments but gonna take some time to Riddle this code out to work that is broken so forth other stuff should work


Read trainer notes.

Only thing not working is skills which I’ll update. I updated this trainer twice in just two days, anymore sow and I’ll puke. Should be done before next week though


I DID read the notes. It says it changes the XP gained from finishing a quest (not the current XP), and it doesn’t. I’m still getting the normal amount, whether I do a story quest, side mission, or kill a captain, it doesn’t affect it at all.

I appreciate the work you’ve done so far, though. As stated, nearly every thing else works fine.

Though come to think of it, ghost mode works, for the most part, though enemies know you’re there, they just don’t attack you. However, ranged enemies can still attack you once you initiate combat with any enemy near them. Very odd. I don’t know if that’s always how it’s been, or if the last update borked it. Still a fun code to mess with, though.


Chris tested it yesterday and he said xp works fine. I trust him more to be following trainer notes so i believe him when he says it does.

Still, i’ll check it when updating skills. Also everyone please note that this is for vanilla game. I don’t have access to DLC and i can’t tell if it works or not for that.


How can i use EXP cheat? I tried to finish a mission and activate it, but it does not work. How do I do? Please help me!:pray:


You activate it, increase the amount using the hotkey, and THEN finish a mission. It’s supposed to increase the XP gained by whatever amount you chose, but it doesn’t seem to work.


Neither the unlimited skill points is working.


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Can you give the windows store version an update? Elven rage, infinite arrows and anything related to skills or mirian aren’t working, and it isn’t giving me an option to reply on the windows store mod. Thanks!


This is the wrong trainer thread for that.
STN didn’t make the win store version.

You have to write that in here^


The Unlimited Arrows is not working !