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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Arrows works for me, but not coins. skill points or exp.


The unlimited skill points and add experience points isn’t working, everything else works great though.


Don’t expect this fixing, but adding a note to the option in the trainer would be good, when using ghost it can make your orcs unable to detect their opponent in a pit fight. Lost several good orcs to standing there letting the enemy hit them. Just turn it off before confirming the fight.


But that’s what it is supposed to do :woman_shrugging:


If you want an orc of yours to become a spy or bodyguard to a war-chief that isn’t yours they have to fight in the pit, (see and kill their opponent within a couple of minutes WITHOUT YOU BEING ABLE TO DO ANYTHING BUT WATCH. If ghost is on, sometimes they will just stand there and die, Level 60 Legendary against a level 23 weakling.The enemy orc can detect your orc and attack them. Turn ghost off and they will start fighting. If it is supposed to make you lose then that is stupid.


No the thing is how the code works.
Just turn it off.


Ghost mode has an information symbol next to it. “YOU can’t be detected. Spam the domination key if interrogation bugs out.” It needs “May cause you to lose pit fights - turn off before fight starts” adding to the info. It’s why my first post said “Don’t expect this fixing, but adding a note” Sometimes your orcs fill fight correctly with ghost mode on, sometimes they will just roar and let the enemy kill them. Because pit fight sometimes work correctly people may not realise they are losing because they didn’t press F2 before the fight started


The game was updated today. Now no supported trainers are available.


Yeah, I just got the update and tried it too. Damn it.


@Lou275 @GuyInDogSuit have you guys considered enabling Version Guard? Version Guard stores old versions of the game allowing you to play them even after an update which means the trainer continue to work. Right now it is an opt-in beta.


I did this after you posted this could not change the game back to when the trainer was working.


It needs to be enabled before the update.


The sooner version guard is installed by default the better.


A little late for that now.


But it isn’t too late for future updates.


Same here. I wasn’t really sure how to install version guard but after I did I finally enabled it and then found out it has to be installed and enabled before the update. So I now have the beta installed just waiting for the trainer update.


Unlimited Skill points and Add Exp dont do anything, neither does unlimited coins


I got some codes to work by enabling them before loading my save. I tried health, focus, might, arrows, and XP. All worked except for XP, the one code that never worked for me to begin with. This is with the latest updates for both the game and for Infinity. I’ll try others just to see, but I’m sure they will work if I enable them at the save selection screen (the one where you choose between the different characters/DLC modes).


Ok so I talked to STN earlier and I understand why some of the cheats aren’t updated. They are a royal pain in the rear to figure out so I’m going to do this.

Download my cheat table. You will also need Cheat Engine to use it.

Instructions in pastebin because I’m getting a random 403 error

@GuyInDogSuit @MIDGET1 @Lou275

@STN feel free to use my cheat table to update the XP cheat. I understand what you mean about the other 2 cheats though.


thanks man you are a lifesaver, im gonna take a quick shower and then test them out