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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Thanks, Chris! I haven’t tested them yet as I have to work tonight but I will try them out when I can. Not sure I really need a skills or XP code, to be honest, but I’ll try it out to see if I can level a couple times just for fun. I’d like to be able to recruit level 40 captains already so I can upgrade my Sword of Dominion and so on, though.


<Not sure if im doing something wrong but the XP cheat in the cheat table still isnt working, skill points are though> Ignore this its working now


This may have already been asked but pertaining to the “add experience option” is there a way to reset that number back to 0(zero)? I pushed it 1 time and it hit 999999, and the decrease option only decreases it by 3-8 points per 3-5 hits of the decrease option key.Please Ignore this post as I was able to figure out what I needed to do, thank you.


Unlimited Coins still doesnt work


Hopefully that gets fixed soon. I’m sure others would like to take advantage of it and rob the market before it closes.


Used mouse? what you end up using?


Hey all

Any ETA on when the skills, exp and coins cheats are going to be fixed? I have tried everything for the exp still to no avail

All other cheats are working if not try enabling before loading the game.

Thank you


I posted a cheat table above with instructions how to use it for all 3 of those. He said he might look into it after he gets done updating other games.


the link on ‘wetransfer’ says the transfer has been deleted ??


I think this is the correct table

Didn’t realize the link gets deleted after a week.


Hey guys, just found this site. God I love the internet. Anyway… game keeps crashing when i use all the cheats. Am i missing something? All antivirus programs are off. I looked into it before asking but i just cant figure it out


Do you have steam version?


So yeah i read through the forum a little deeper and saw to turn them on at the save screen before loading the character. Its working like a charm now. Thanks though. Its amazing what you learn if you… read


and side note, its insane how seamless your interface is. Being able to hit play through you loader and how its all laid out. Wish I would have found you guys awhile ago.


Hey Chris

Thanks for the link but still cannot get this to work. When I tick the xp box and go back to the game it crashes,
Also when I put the ‘8B 58 20 EB D4 48 83 EC 28 44 8B C2 4C 8B D1’ into the field and scan it does not come up with any results for the skill point cheat

Many thanks


Ive used the trainer everything works fine until i get to the skill points and coins where NOTHING will work and it is really frustrating since that is one of the main cheats there


add EXP points dont work and unlimted skill points and Unlimted Focus crashed my game when in use. this trainer need’s a update please.


every cheat works except the unlimited coins/skill points and experience




the health and arrows option turn of the moment i turn them on for some reason… is it just me?..