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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Unlimited skill point and experience doesn’t work
I’m on Steam version
When I have a skill point and try to buy anything it just reverts to 0


Bro when i search for the array of bytes using your pastebin i cant find anything,a little help?
I’m using steam version


I don’t know what to tell you. I just tested it and it works fine for me and no one else has had any issues with it.


Okay but do I just type the code in and set it to array of bytes or do I need to do something else as well


The instructions explain how to do it.


Appreciate you keeping on top of this. Just bought the game and WeMod Pro because my other trainer was having issues with this game specifically. This game seems particularly problematic. In addition to unlimited life cheats causing certain parts of it to fail (haven’t tested with yours, will soon) there’s a crippling quest bug that prevents you from doing a Siege (10-20hrs into gameplay) where the only fix is to start over and hope you don’t trigger it next play through. I doubt it’s easy (potentially not even possible) to have a flag to “clear all quests” aside from the main storyline… but if so… that’d be worth the price of Pro for several years :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!


What language was used in the development of this/these trainers? and do they implement pattern scanning?


Are you asking what language Infinity was coded in?


ASM. Not using pattern scanning was a thing when - as unbelievable as this sounds - finished games were released that didn’t need updates :scream: How is that possible, right?


lol when back when they actually released finished games


Ardosi I have to ask. Can this trainer bug the game like you said or is it good?


boys i think it bugged my game like i try to attack base and it just loading for ever even if i restart the game is does same thing loads for ever


Just wondering when an update for this trainer will be released.


I, like @Lil-O-Man am eager to hear about any plans to update this trainer, and would be most appreciative. With the large Shadow of War July 17th update, trainer functions are a bit buggy and unreliable. Though I’m sure they’ll have more “patches for the patch”, it would be great to see the trainer overhauled a bit to accommodate the changes.

Kudos for the trainer, it actually made this game enjoyable!


Soo did anyone know when approximately the traner will be updated?


It will be some time to update the trainer,due to HORDES of other games that needs trainer updates,so think it will fall on Priority so forth ect ect,so hang tight folks,and i hope they get this sorted soon to but yea…


@GreenHorns I understand that there are a lot of games that need updating lol but i just want to know what the plans for this trainer is. (Update dates, Changes to a cheat, etc) basically i wish for a calendar or a timeline describing future plans or something like that.


Hehe, I just got this game on sale for $20. Must cheat!


I actually think the bug I mentioned @ArizonaRanger is NOT with the trainer at all. It’s just more likely to occur. It happens when you have an unfinished quest with one of the chiefs or warlords (or whatever they are called). It’s a flat out game bug that’s been around for quite some time. It’s… exceedingly frustrating.


This is mainly to STN and I Just wanted to know if you will be updating Shadow of War’s cheats to the new july 17th update? I love this game but you can only do so much with it until you just want to mess around with cheats. No rush, I was just wondering if it will be updated at all. Thanks! :grinning: